Hi. We’re tabinu.

Your personal travel planner and guide to Japan.

tabinu streamlines and personalises the planning process. We suggest, advise, answer your questions and tailor your itinerary to your liking before walking you through the steps you have to take, tackling hurdles like confusing timetables and websites that aren’t available in English along the way.

So whether you’re trying to catch the sakura season, get a reservation at a particular restaurant or don’t know where to begin planning your ski or onsen trip – TALK TO US.

Look forward to

Flexibility. Customisation. Peace of mind. Lots of discounts.

Design your dream trip entirely to your tastes.
Stretch your budget and time to their absolute limits.
Get insights on local habits and tips on culture and customs.
Navigate the dual terrors of train and bus networks confidently.
Pack free of fear that you’re missing out something crucial.
Choose to explore beyond “conventional” areas like Tokyo and Osaka.

Getting started

Get in touch and we’ll work out a package with you.
You’ll fill out our very exciting tabinu questionnaire - or decide on a consultation session.
We’ll have your personalised itinerary to you within 14 days.
Optional: itinerary revision based on your comments.
We’ll walk you through the booking process - and you’re all set for the trip of a lifetime to Japan!

Prices begin from S$150 for a three-day itinerary. (Day one starts when your activities begin.)

Japan calls.

Any questions? We’re all yours.

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